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Trinidad and Tobago is the home of the Trinitario cocoa variety. Orientated in the country approximately 250 years ago, it is a hybrid of Criollo and Forestero cocoa varieties and is known worldwide for its desirable fruity, floral flavour characteristics. Over the past 100 years the cocoa production has declined from 30,000 metric tonnes to only 400 metric tonnes today. The country’s economy has been driven by revenue from oil and gas thus causing a widespread decline of the T&Ts agricultural sector.
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The Trinidad and Tobago Fine Cocoa Company was established as a public-private partnership with the aim of rehabilitating the cocoa sector and generating much needed revenue and opportunities for rural communities. Established in 2013, the first bean-to-bar cocoa processing facility was built in central Trinidad with an annual production capacity of 60 metric tonnes. This was expanded to increase production to 100 metric tonnes in 2023 with the introduction of specialised value-added chocolate making equipment such as 12 meter chiller tunnel and depositor.
Over the ten years the cocoa processing facility has produced a range of industrial, culinary and retail cocoa and chocolate products for the local and export market. In some cases assisting the development of new and innovative products such as cocoa bitters, chocolate stout beer, scorpion pepper chocolate and cocoa infused rum. Product innovation is key to the development of the cocoa sector and help create a demand for this unique ingredient. We were very pleased to have won 7 Academy of Chocolate Awards and was the first to joint-brand chocolates with the world famous Harrods Stores (UK). Our highlight came when in May 2022 the President of Trinidad ands Tobago presented our chocolates to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle during her Platinum Jubliee. Our chocolate are truly fit for a Queen!


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Working closely with the Cocoa Development of Trinidad and Tobago, we support farmers through purchasing local cocoa beans at a premium price. Providing a secure and consistent market for farmers is fundamental to encourage the planting and growing of cocoa rather than converting to short-term cash crops. Ideally we encourage farmers to plan both to ensure short-term income and high-value crops. Much more support is needed for farmers such as planting material, assistance with pest and diseases and training on fermentation and drying of the cocoa beans ensure the best flavour characteristics and price.
We are excited to be working in partnership with a range of government and non-government institutions such as the TT Ministry of Trade and Industry, InvesTT, ExporTT, International Trade Centre (Geneva), EU Intellectual Property Office (Spain), InterAmerican Development Bank (Trinidad), European Union Delegation Port of Spain, British High Commission Port of Spain and TT Intellectual Property Office. Together we have developed an exciting project to explore opportunities for brand protection and international retail partnerships worldwide.
Working in partnership with the Tobago House of Assembly we are supporting the rehabilitation of 1000 acres of historical cocoa land in North East and Central Tobago. This will create employment opportunities for many communities living north of island as well as provide training on growing and managing cocoa lands. Finally, we will provide training to the community groups to develop their own cocoa and chocolate products to sell to tourists and visitors… thus creating a sustainable, equitable and delicious cocoa island experience.

Our Story

November 2013
1. Founded TTFCC
April 2014
2. MoU with Govt
Established a public-private partnership with the Government of Trinidad & Tobago
August 2015
3. La Reunion
Establishment of La Reunion
The La Reunion Estate is a state of the art cocoa processing facility, covering 200 hectares on which award-winning cocoa is grown. With a processing capacity of 25 metric tonnes, it was established in order to facilitate bean to bar processing of chocolate products.
September 2016
The IMPACTT Project
In conjunction with the University of the West Indies’ Cocoa Research Centre and the Inter-American Development Bank, Trinidad & Tobago Fine Cocoa Company embarked on the Improving Marketing and Production of Artisanal Cocoa from Trinidad & Tobago (IMPACTT) Project.
October 2017
5. Selfridges
Partnership with Selfridges

Our iconic Trinitario ® steelpan was first launched in select Selfridges locations across the United Kingdom.

6. AoC 2017 Silver Steelpan
Academy of Chocolate Awards
Our chocolate steelpan won a silver award in the packaging category, from the UK-based Academy of Chocolate.
7. Harrods
Partnership with Harrods
The Trinidad & Tobago Fine Cocoa Company partnered with Harrods to produce the Single Estate Chocolate Collection, in celebration of International Chocolate Week. This collection featured four bars made of cocoa from four estates in Trinidad - La Reunion, Ortinola, Aripo and Tableland.
9. TCB opening
The Chocolate Box
Our first retail outlet and production kitchen, The Chocolate Box, opened at the Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre.
10. AoC 2019 Rum truffle silver
Academy of Chocolate Awards
Our Caribbean Rum and Spiced Pineapple truffle won a silver award in the layered truffles category, and the Banana and Tonka Bean caramel truffle was awarded bronze.
11. Cocoa Bitters
Angostura Cocoa Bitters
15 metric tonnes of Trinitario cocoa was supplied to Angostura for the development of Angostura Cocoa Bitters®.
12. Trinitario Stout
Trinitario Stout
In conjunction with North Yorkshire-based Brass Castle Brewery, the Trinitario 5.0% Chocolate Stout was developed, combining ingenuity and the finest cocoa in the world.
13. AoC 2020 spiced orange silver
Academy of Chocolate Awards
The Trinitario Spiced Orange and Hazelnut Truffle won a silver award in the layered truffles category, with the Coconut & Tonka; Molasses Caramel and Chadon Beni truffles winning bronze awards.
14. Mackeson
Mackeson Dark Chocolate Stout
The limited edition Mackeson Dark Chocolate Stout was developed, with the use of Trinitario cocoa nibs provided by Trinidad & Tobago Fine Cocoa Company.
15. QE2 Jubilee
Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II
Our 70% dark chocolate ganache truffles were presented by the President of Trinidad & Tobago, Paula-Mae Weekes, to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in celebration of her Platinum Jubilee.

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Please note a minimum order of 100 tins of each type of steelpan tin for processes on join branded tins.